Workshop Note

Sultana's workshop inspired me to try my hand at improving this photo.

The original had a dull cast to it, and I suspect it was a bright day out when the picture was taken. Bright sunny days tend to wash out color. My goal was improve the color as Sultana did, without darkening the image, as Sultana did.

To start, I applied a contrast mask. This helped bring out the detail in the darker areas, such as the bottom of her dress, but did little to restore the washed out color. I then flatten the image and set about improving the color. Levels didn't give me the result I was looking for, so I tried a different approach. I duplicated the picture layer, and desaturated it, inverted the colors, then Gaussian blurred it by 25 pts. Then I duplicated the picture layer again and added a layer mask. I then copied the desaturated layer into the layer mask and used the soft light mode. This result enhanced the colors, without darkening the picture. The color enhancement isn't as good as Sultana's, but the picture didn't lose any brightness either.

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