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United States
Vic Zikoor a professional engineer from San Jose, Ca. who loves art and photography.
Born in Baghdad, educated in Iraq, the US and Scotland and has made California his home since the late 70’s . At an early age Vic turned to ancient philosophies for answers and to art appreciation for inner peace. For many years, Vic recognized beauty in nature and art. In 1979 he moved to California settling in San Jose. The year 2001 he discovered digital photography as a mean to satisfy and develop his own artistic cravings. He is experimenting with digital photography as a creative medium and developing the needed skills. His eye captures beauty in nature as an expression of peace and tranquility. His art is evolving into showing nature as abstract. He believes that there are Master Photographers and Great Artists both are way better than his work. Through digital photography and editing he believes that this is his best chances for him to express himself, he tend to keep slight imperfections in his work to give it a sense of reality or an artistic look. He is an iStockphoto contributor, his work was on display for over a year at Milpitas Community Museum, he has participated in Open Studios and his work was recently published in a Santa Clara County newsletter. He appeared on local Cable channel to show some of his work. He is new to TE and have great pleasure and honer to share his work at TL and looks forward for your comments.
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