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United Kingdom
Been taking photographs since the age of 11 and graduated all the way from an Instamatic right the way up to a Full Frame Digital SLR.

It has been some journey and I have loved every minute of it. I still have the same enthusiasm I had when I got my first set of prints from the developers.

The modern age has made it possible to take such better quality images and not have to wait to see the results.

Photography is my passion and hopefully the images displayed here convey the emotion, atmosphere and excitement that overtakes me when I have a camera around my neck and I enter the zone where time just disappears as I "click" away.

Please take a look at my website:

οΏ½The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a WitnessοΏ½
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand

οΏ½Life is a journey, photography is thy shepherd.οΏ½
― Destin Sparks

Today (14/05/2011) I have been a TE member for a year, and I have learnt and gained an enormous amount in that short time. I have made friends with so many people around the globe, been wowed, and inspired by some of the extraordinary images that people share here. It is a wonderful journey and you are such a talented lot!
Most of all, I have to thank so many of you for your wonderful comments and reviews of my photographs, it spurs me on to achieve hopefully even greater things.

Today (14/05/2012) is the second anniversary of my joining this splendid community of fellow photographers and artists. The wonderfully inspiring images posted by you, my fellow members and friends, plus of course your marvellous comments means my enthusiasm for TE is undiminished despite uploading my 500th image yesterday.
Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of your interest and help in what is always going to be a work in progress.
A BIG thank you for making what started out as a mere pastime into a passion.

Today (14/05/2013) is the 3rd anniversary of my joining Trek Earth. Not sure where those 3 years have gone as it only seems like yesterday that I posted my first image, yet only a few days ago I posted my 800th photograph. Phew!
Once again I need to thank all those members and friends who have taken the time to look at my images and also those of you who have then left critiques and "smiley faces". I really do appreciate your input and have learnt so much as well as taking inspiration from your own contributions.

FOUR YEARS ON TE (14/05/2014)
This image celebrates my 4 year anniversary today as a member of the TE community. Once again I take this opportunity to say a BIG thank-you to you all for your inspiration, continued interest and of course kind comments and smiles. Gulp! - Cannot believe another year has passed.

Copyright οΏ½ Brian Denton οΏ½ all images posted are for the benefit of Trek Earth members and visitors. I would ask that you please respect the copyright embedded within my images - the reproduction, publication, modification, transmission or exploitation of which, whether for personal or commercial use, is strictly prohibited without my express permission. Thank you. (NB. TE member workshops fall outside this remit, unless otherwise stated herein).
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Konica FC-1, Sony Alpha 200 DSLR, Sony Alpha 850 DSLR, Sony DSC H1, Sony DSC P10

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