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Hello. I'm a Norwegian living in Oslo, born 1966, married and a father to two lovely children. I work as a web-designer/-developer in Dagbladet, the second largest newspaper in Norway.

I bought my first digital camera in 1996, an Olympus C-400L. This was one of the first mass-produced digital cameras on the market. The resolution is 640x480px and the quality is about the same as you get from todays mobile phones, -crap. I don't remember what I paid for it, but I'm shure it was a lousy investment.

When you have two small children, a wife and a full time job, the time left for travelling and taking pictures is limited. I'm using all my free time with my Nikon, and all the nights with Photoshop.

I'm a happy amateur, so I'd appreciate any suggestions how I can improve my shots. My main interest is post-processing (Photoshop).

Thanks in advance for any advices you may have.

I've discovered a new world in post-processing images. I shoot all my pictures in NEF format (raw). That gives me full controll in the "darkroom" process.
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