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I'm 28 year old, my professional area is Civil Engineering, I started travelling 11 years ago and the photography started at the same time.

In my life, I'm always trying to have the best time in the best place with the best people, and I want to visit all the World.
My favourite kind of travel are the Adventure ones with friends.

To feel happy I need to travel, to feel the adrenaline and to love... I need to spend my time the best way possible.

The photografy is the best way I found to share with everybody the beautiful moments and places where I've been. It's also a way to express some of my artistic feelings.

TrekEarth is a good place to show my work, my trips, and some of my stories.
2 of my favourite quotes:

The world is like a book, those who do not travel, read only one page...

A trip... an adventure trip, starts before start, ends without never end: we start dreaming it, then thinking it, then preparing it, then realising it, and then remembering it.
I've got another general gallery in other place:

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]
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