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United Kingdom
Hello seekers of knowledge and the way to better photography! This is a little blurb I am adding just in case you want to see more of my photography. Click on the TN and TL links to view my submitted work there. Also you can go to my galleries page on Pbase:

and my photopage on Flickr:
If you want to see where my travels have taken me then look at my images on Panoramio or find me in Google Earth here:

My name is Chris. I am originally from the state of Georgia in the USA. When I was a young boy I was fascinated by the fantastic, exotic photos I would see in National Geographic, LIFE, and other Magazines. Those images made me want to explore the world around me and seek out adventure, as many boys do. They sowed the seeds of curiosity in my mind. Growing up, people who knew me saw my interest in art, people, places, and nature. I first became truly interested in photography at the age of 17 when a relative showed me some old photos of my ancestors. Some were over 120 years old and they sparked my interest. Those old photos and the colorful stories accompanying them influenced me to pursue learning about and photographing local people, places and things that related to both my family and the history they lived through. I started exploring the wider areas of my home state and took photos of all the places I visited. As a young man I served a tour in the Navy onboard an aircraft carrier. I travelled the globe, seeing many amazing places and people...and took lots of photos! I photographed my travels and the things that I I was able to share THE WORLD with my family and friends (seen through my eyes)when I visited home. I have seen some amazing things travelling around the globe. I love nature and the outdoors, hiking, travelling, and exploring...learning about other people and places. Photography is a great way for me to see the world and share what I have seen and experienced in my life with others. I hope you like this small collection of photos I have here. Perhaps one will speak to you in some way. A single image can be worth a thousand words. Have fun out there, be safe, and keep sharing what you see with us here...I know I will!
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