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United Kingdom

I'm an ex-Art School Bum, who has had a camera since forever.

I love being able to freeze time and choose my own perspective on reality.

I have dabled with digital but have returned to film. I read an artical by Joe Cornish ( if you have not seen this name before try googleing him), he rightly said that whith digital when you walk away from the scene all you are left with is a computer file, but with film you have something much more tangeble, a piece of film that was at that place and time when the shutter was fired and was given life by the light falling on it, and using that light to store the image that you have created.

In my humble opinion if your going to take a photograph for your pleasure and its something that you have invested your time and energy in then it seems much more satisfying and in keeping with the creativity of photography to work this way. Maybe I'm just a Luddite!

Sorry about the poor spelling, only one side of my brain really works!

Keep up the Good Work!!!! Ben
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