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United States
I have been taking photographs as a hobby for the past 25 years. I started taking photos for my High School year book and worked part time during my High School years as a wedding photographer.

My main objective now is to photograph and document the smaller towns and historical sites in Portugal. As you can tell from my photographs, my favorite town in Portugal is Obidos.

I love to capture the images I see and create the ones I imagine.

My palette may be a digital camera but my human hand is still controlling the brush. The photographs on my site are my own unique artistic expression.

Additional photos can be viewed at
Old World Photography


I recently have deleted most of my photos from TrekEarth. I have had one too many photographs stolen from me from this site among others. This last incident was the last draw........

A brief summary - I recently visited my favorite town in Portugal which is Obidos. During this visit, my wife and I heard some really good music coming from a store located on the main road. We stopped to look at the music cd which was placed on the store window because it was the one currently playing. Guess what we saw on the cd---a photograph that was taken by me placed on the cover of the cd. We went into the store and discovered five (5) additional music cds and they ALL had my photographs. A total of eight (8) of my photographs were used without my permission.

As of this time, the owner has agreed to pay me my for "Stealing" my photos in the amount of $250.00 per digital download. I am still waiting for the transfer. The ironic part of this story is that she represents music artists in cases of "Copyright Infringement'.

After a further inspection of the photographs used for this music cd, I have discovered numerous other photographs from the town of Obidos that were used. These photos were taken from TrekEarth and Treklens from various members. The owner of the store stated that she did receive permission from these photographers but I don't believe her.

I will not name the store at this time but it is located DIRECTLY across from the pillory on the main street.

More information to come...

The stolen photos as they appear on the music cds can be viewed Here

*******Update********: I received full payment for the theft of my photos.
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