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Hiloa! I've just arrive on this website... I'm a french student, I'm a big fan of photography since I was a's like an obsession for me:I have to make pictures of all the little things surrounding me since I knew how to use a camera. I've already make two exhibitions in the place where I live: Toulouse. I recently discover a great photograph from the Magum agency: Trent Parke; I also like Garcia di Lorcia, Araki and Luigi Ghirri... I can wait to see your pics and to read your comments! Take care ! ++ Leo

I recently try to organize a project named European Vision about European photography; the website is waiting for european artists like U to show their vision of their country!
So take a look at ~~~ ~~~ and tell me if you wanna be part of it!

I'm also active on TL!
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