Photographer's Note a kiss on the dirty windows, double exposures, my lousiness and the camera's technical problems.

To you, Claire
For your incredible help in restoring those lost posts of mine on TE.
I'll be in your debt for as long as I live.
I know, you liked this picture more than any other in my gallery
Here it is With my heart attached to it

You may have a look folks, down below for your very own critique associated with this photo.
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Photo Information
Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Date Taken: 1982-02
Theme(s): Rome's Different Faces, World for two, Your Favorites of Year 2006, Kisses!, LOVE [view contributor(s)]
Original date submitted: 2006-08-17 17:36
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Critiques [Translate]

ben4321 (9375)
[2006-08-17 17:46]

I'm trying to work out whether the cars and statues are be-ing reflected in the windows or are as a result of your double exposure.
Either way, this is a great shot George, with loads of at-mosphere.
There's so much going on here, but I don't find it distract-ing; all the various elements seem to work so well together.
Interesting work.

frogfot (975)
[2006-08-17 18:06]

Czesc Jerzy.
A Ty znow niczym duch niwidzialny dla innych, zatrzy-males w kadrze wyjatkowa chwile. Refleksy w szybie do-daja magii temu zatrzymanemu w kadrze obrazowi. Bard-zo, bardzo podoba sie!!!

pasternak (11838)
[2006-08-17 18:20]

Well, George, at first I tried to figure out how you've made this and what do we see in the picture, where is the reflec-tion etc, then I came back to the picture quarter of an hour later and saw how silly I was trying that, because this is a shot not to be understood technically but just to look at and smile... maybe remembering something from one's own life... My compliments for showing this beauty.


PS the blue of her sweater is wonderful by the way!:)

s10001in (1450)
[2006-08-17 22:23]

dirty windows, double exposure and your camera's tech-nical problems. hardly matters Gorge, when output is of so high standard & if this is the output I am going to get with all this I will say GOOD BYE to Technical photography.

This photo is more like painting & less like Photo. Classy touch & artistic feeling is great gain for this shot Gorge.
Reflection & bit of haze creating the atmosphere & exact mood.
Nice moment captured with great timing.

Nice work.

gelor (2986)
[2006-08-18 1:49]

Bonjour George,
Trs originale cette prise de vue ! Bien vu et bien fait... Merci.

jinju (14241)
[2006-08-18 3:31]

Hi George,

THIS is the drama I was waitin for after your post from that market. This is Italy, this is life. Absolutely great. Technical isues are non exsiatant to me when photos hit this level emotionally.

lestans (11631)
[2006-08-18 3:54]

Prelude....ciao Polonaise!!
what a fantastic shot, the sculpture is so well looking at the couple! Quitely standing in front of them. So white. Wait-ing, perhaps!!

Oh, what a scene!!

Ciao!! - bravo!!!!

riclopes (24919)
[2006-08-18 4:10]

Technical problems? This is an artistic capture with double exposure and I wouldn't recognize any technical problem, if they exist. The short note made me laugh though. There are some members (the number it's getting bigger and bigger...) that just have an original way of seeing the world and I envy them. You are one of them. This is, indeed, a beautiful painting, a romantic capture. Love is happening everyday, all the time, while the world, watching, keeps going on with its big task. That statue is just great in there.
For what I have just seen in your gallery, 1982, was an im-portant photographic year!

bantonbuju (42322)
[2006-08-18 4:33]

Tego zdjęcia nie powinno się w zasadzie komentować,
po pierwsze nawet nie będę "figure out" o co tam szczegłowo chodzi bo jego urok polega właśnie na tym wielkim oglnym bałaganie wokł pary zakochanych (przypomniał mi się pewnien film z gregory peck'iem i ... mniejsza o to) - mam nadzieję, że masz jeszcze jakieś zdjęcia z technicznym problemem, jakies podwjne, potrjne ekspozycję, coś niedoświetlonego albo prześwietlonego, jakiś obcięty bezsensownie detal, może coś rozmazanego?
generalnie coś takie nieostre masz je wszystkie i takie po-nure albo psychodeliczne (no bo na przykład jak się można całować na środku ulicy w hałasie, wśrd samochodw i przy jakimś podglądaczu nieprzyzwoitym);
a ja wciąż czekam na ten zaginiony w kartonach zachd słońca..


Rev (1778)
[2006-08-18 5:00]

Hi George
If this is the result of a technical problem with your camera then don't fix it!!
This 'painting' is brilliant and well composed by an artist.
Critique of this work of art would be an injustice, apprecia-tion of the beauty is the compliment and appreciate I do.
Well done and thank you master for your 'work of art'.

AnimeshRay (8647)
[2006-08-18 13:52]

This vintage Roman holiday has become a trademark of you, George. Very good moment, deep color, and what a backdrop! The severe look from the Roman sentry (or a Saint, whoever he is) over the kissing couple is really op-portune. 1982. Wonder if they have kids now who would be kissing in front of the same window today!
Excellent vision.

lucski (3209)
[2006-08-18 17:52]

witaj Jureczku
rewelacja, no po prostu wypasik niesamowity uzyskales klimat
az z wrazenia chyba pojde zapalic zeby ochlonac... pada kurde...
pojde pozniej
zaraz peknie Ci setka cha, cha bede pierwszym.
Szacuneczek mistrzu
i ogromna mordka
pozdrawiam lukasz

syd1946 (15871)
[2006-08-19 3:27]

Hello George,
That's a very unique momment and capture.Full of technical problems :).All these reflections,the statue,the car...are mixing with the couple in action :),giving an excellent photographic result.
Give me more technical problems!!!

partha (12752)
[2006-08-19 4:53]

I like the effects of painting in this photograph. Very well controlled dof. Really awsome.
Very well done.

pridel (233)
[2006-08-19 9:07]

Hi George
Yes, sometimes we have technical problems, it is the life. Doubtless as the alone statue which looks at the scene of the kiss and has to say to himself that he has to have also a technical problem...
I like very much and I am going to compliment. Yes I can do it :) I didn't know that you were the photographer. And I considered intrigued this bizarre but very nice photo, with a beautiful history.
And the surprise is good when I read your name.
The compliment it is: this summer in Madrid I walked dur-ing kilometres in three museums of the city; paintings, paintings and still paintings, and hop! Sometimes all my body stopped in front of a paint, admiring. I looked at the name of the artist: "Polonaise" or somebody else!

Scharan (10809)
[2006-08-19 17:23]

Ol George
Gostei muito dessa foto, achei interessante a composio, o reflexo do vidro, as cores esto timas, parabns.
Abraos e boas fotos.

Burberry1 (4782)
[2006-08-20 8:36]

Wow!! Grzegorzu!
Swietne podejście do tak intymnego tematu.
Bardzo artystyczne i wymowne...
Przepiękny nieład artystyczny, ktry dopełnia całości...a i tak nie umniejsza kochankom.

bardzo, bardzo mi się podoba!!

Ps. moje dwie prace z POST pROCESSING'iem cofniętą, hmmm-nie wiem od czego to zależy.
a szkoda.

Raz jeszcze pozdrawiam,

sabyasachi1212 (19365)
[2006-08-20 9:03]

Hi George,
Do you know what you just did? You wasted 30 minutes of my valuable time :)) I had a look at this, needed a few more relooks trying to solve the puzzle and then realised that its better if some puzzles remain a mystery. There is no mystery about one thing though, love is truly eternal. This picture could have been clicked yesterday, only the cars would look sleeker and the woman would be more scantily dressed, i guess (or is it hope!).
With Greetings from India

tcht (7093)
[2006-08-20 11:45]

Hi George,
That's a very nice 'natural' PP work. Probably the most un-usual and romantic photograph on TE. I especially like how that statue overlooks the lovers and you've placed them at the right positions. They seem to forget their existence in this busy world with lot of cars. What beautiful photography.
Best regards,
Cheuk Hin

drewniany (1108)
[2006-08-21 0:53]

Witaj. Niektzy twierdz ze jest bzdur robienie fot przez brudne okna-powinni zobaczy takie prace, eh ci teorety-cy...
Co tu doda-masz kapitalne oko, swietnie podpatzrone, fajny efekt. bardzo dobre

nicoz (1941)
[2006-08-21 5:22]

Hi George,
This shot is quite original! I'm not really trying to under-stand what it is and what you did. It looks a bit like a spray painting from the 80's. The statue overlooking the couple is GENIUS. Is the statue resolute, preplexed, petrified?
Classic Polonaise.
"That was my heart serenading you" ;-)

Henryk_Bilor (18480)
[2006-08-21 16:59]

Witaj Jerzy
Bardzo adne i nastrojowe naoenie planw. Rozmycie daje efekt malarski. Pikna kompozycja, mio popatrze.

polter (4045)
[2006-08-22 5:03]

Czekałam z tym komentarzem na instalację nowego moni-tora i pełnię doznań estetycznych. I nie zawiodłam się ani na jotę. Wręcz przeciwnie. I tylko mi dziwno, że jeszcze trochę miejsca znalazłam pod tą fotką, żeby się wpisać jak do pamiętnika. Niewiele mi zresztą potrzeba (miejsca), bo śliczności takie, że co tu dużo gadać - niech zdjęcie gada samo za siebie i za mnie też. Pozdrawiam ciepło T.

francbois (480)
[2006-08-22 8:58]

George, please,
Can you spare a quarter of your technical problems? My camera works far too well for me...:)
An inspiration always duplicates. On your shot that woolly-minded sentence becomes true thanks to double exposure. And what I was trying to say as well... that your original flash of inspiration will illuminate the caught I am, all of us may be...
So far I couldn't peer through a window, I looked at the world reflected on it...
Now I see that, like Lewis Carroll, I can do both in the meanwhile!

designsoul (21302)
[2006-08-23 12:41]

A HAPPY ACCIDENT, George! Fantastic work, if not your best, one of your best ones! I love the reflections, the dreamlike quality of this, so layered and subtle, so enigmatic. Simply marvellous as all coalesce into a big whirling still, colours and people and cars and art. ITALY! This is it!
a big bravo, to hell with camera problems!

kinginexile (2419)
[2006-08-27 0:56]

It works. Accidents will happen, e. Costello used to say, might as well make some art out of them.

Love it!

don_narayan (2014)
[2006-08-27 19:08]

Cameras have technical problems? Bullocks, only photogs have technical problems! Well, all shortcomings aside (if there are any), it's great, dreamy and mysterious, lucious and daring... so much that it ellicits a stern scoul from the stoney by-stander. More excellence from a time before conciousness (that is, if I recognise the existance of this world before my own conciousness).

balatrek (7312)
[2006-09-01 17:56]

Hi George,

Fantastic and creative composition, the image overflows with romanticism, beautiful reflections, you show the Love to us of a very original form, thanks!


john_c (24604)
[2006-09-06 10:51]

Hi George,
I confess that I don't quite know why I like this photo so much - you are right about the technical issues, the expo-sure, and the windows. But somehow it all comes together as representative of life as it should be lived. The viewer is enjoying a rare glimpse of humble intimacy, not as a peep-ing tom, but just walking by and realizing that no matter what little head space we are all in, there is love and joy and life goes on. I like the varying images, some out of place, as they denote life's chattels and chaff, so to speak. Sorry to be so verbose. Its a powerful shot.

starbug (6924)
[2006-09-10 13:31]

tey bzm chciala abz problemy techniczne aparatu taki efekt mialy.namalowales taki obraz ze w najlepszych galeriach powinien wisiec. genialne, nawet nie wiem co jeszcze powiedyiec...

zeca (16120)
[2006-09-14 0:59]

Hello George!
I like this picture! There are many interesting (and strange) things in the composition but... the textures and colours are what I like more. Well done!

arturo (1706)
[2006-09-16 15:44]

Czolem George,

taaaaaaaka ryba...ciesze sie ze wylowilem...troche mi za-maciles tym w glowie...troche jazda, no nie?...pozdrawiam, arturo

P-S-I-G (20679)
[2006-09-25 12:41]

Hello George,
I should visit your wonderful gallery more often.
I enjoy all your shots.
Here, what a great moment captured. Poetic, very sensitive.
I like the atmosphere with the reflection of the busy city in the window opposite to the kiss.
Very well taken.
Best regards,

markpanos (1668)
[2006-09-27 22:43]

Hello George
I have discovered your work today.
I really like it.These are not only beauty photos,these are also very interesting and charming.At least so many of them

This is
With few words... Im sure Duke Ellington would have been very proud of this photography. As much as of his song

I hope I see you again
Ta leme

yanseiler (6653)
[2006-09-29 5:30]

Hi George, an amazing result made out of this dirty win-dow and the double exposure, like a confused dream...funny because if a digital user would do a "double exposure" kind alike in Photoshop, he would be blamed for it, another topic, anyway well seen...

krakowiak (4254)
[2006-10-05 7:00]

Ze zwyklego-niezwyklego pocalunku, stworzyles obraz ma-giczny. Cos surrealistycznie niezwyklego tu sie dzieje.

Isabelle (6946)
[2006-10-25 20:10]

you fill up the frame with people and joy. what a delightful mixture of passion, art, urbanism. a delight to my eyes

christof902 (61)
[2006-11-16 3:43]

Hi George,
This photo is really beautiful, sometimes technical prob-lems produce great results.
Cheers, Christophe

pilpel-adom (2770)
[2006-11-18 8:31]

A beauty, George! Such a multitude of compositions in ONE composition...ha, well seen!! A mixture of life in Rome of '82...The Little Fiat cars, the statue, the window, the couple embracing...shhh, well done!
I am glad you post it in the forum - I would have missed it in your gallery!

pgorod (1114)
[2006-11-29 11:34]

Like this one a lot...

batalay (13866)
[2006-12-30 20:10]

Hello George,

I was wandering through your gallery and came across this image and like all good art, totally open-ended. It tells a great deal, but different viewers will take away different notions. I love the little statue on the left, in a sense a sentinel, while the fleeting moments of everyday life go on. If your camera had technical problems, may all our cameras have technical problems in the New Year. (Incidentally, I mailed off the lithograph today. But unhappily, I've run out of green smileys to award this photo that deserves many more than one).

branley (3669)
[2007-01-29 15:12]

Hi George,

dirty windows or not it's still a great shot. It's almost like a painting, there's so much happening but it has a good at-mosphere. A fine capture my friend.



a_i_ren (1315)
[2007-03-30 19:16]

Illusion. Thousands of sparking fragments will disappear in a moment. What i am looking at will evaporated before i could get a chance to realise it was there...Was it?
Have a great weekend, George

mpdre (1383)
[2007-05-05 18:35]

Very delicate picture, George. The soft tone of the colors creates a very warm atmosphere, like a painting.. Excellent conjunction between classical and modern times obtained by the close proximity of the Roman statue and the lovely kissing couple...Great job!

garissima (121)
[2007-08-20 9:51]

What a wonderful shot, exciting, incredible, real and live...
Thanks for sharing

seehorse (17)
[2007-10-07 14:41]

Czesc Jerzy.
Bardzo malownicze problemy ze sprzetem :-)
Nie mialem pojecia ze brudne szyby daja tak REWELA-CYJNE efekty.
Dzielo godne prawdziwego mistrza malarstwa.

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