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Good highpeak8 2005-04-22 23:07

hi clive, I find it interesting that a westerner like you is comfortable in trying out TCM. anyway, this shot I would say is simply well-balanced in composition(maybe without the sleeve on the right hand corner would be better)...a bit shaky though as what you have said, maybe a faster shutter speed and wider aperture might help? however, I would try a b/w shot if I were you, as you can see, the original colours in the shot aren't that brilliant really, a sharp b/w shot might have brought out the intersting details better :)

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Default To highpeak8: TCM

Hello Kow Fong Lee

Thanks for your comments. I agree that BW would be better, or even sepia, which I am quite fond of.
I don't have much more than a theoretical grasp of camera settings, and tend to let my camera choose settings for me. There is a trade off with spontenaiety that allows me to get reasonable shots without endless fiddling through menus. In the meantime I have been learning a lot from this and other sites and am experimenting with shots locally. I like to use this place as a classroom and am happy to work my way through posting pictures that I like, in the hope that people will comment like you have.

Regarding TCM, I have used TCM in England for a chronic liver problem as I do not respond to Western treatment. I have had courses of acupuncture and also herbs. Reassuringly the TCM diagnosis I got in Melaka was the same as I had had in England, I also recognised some of the herbs that I had been prescribed back home. The big difference was in the concentration of the brew, the Melaka one was maybe 5 times as strong but I only had to take it every 3 days. Although TCM will not cure my condition it helps to keep the whole body as healthy as possible until better Western treatments become available.

One question if you don't mind?

I see that your name is Kow Fong Lee, you addressed me as dear Clive, how would I address you? Dear Kow? Dear Kow Fong? Dear Lee?
How does it work with family names and first names?

Best wishes and keep on posting, I like your images of Calcutta and Sikkim. Its funny that's where I started my trip and my posts have followed my trip more or less. Look out for today's pic - a b/w shot of Singapore skyline.

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Default Re: To highpeak8: TCM

Hi Clive,

yup, you can call me Kow Fong, that's my given name, Lee is my surname.Chinese's practise is to put our family first follow by given name,so I'm actually Lee Kow Fong. There's always this misunderstanding here due to our cultural differences...

hey, so sorry to hear about your health problem, hope you are ok. The idea of TMC most often is to help your body regain its own "equilibrium"(as in a balanced ying and yang), as such it normally takes a longer time to see effect.Glad that at least TMC can prevent your condition from getting worst.Do take care!

back to photography, neither am I any "expert" in this field. The most I know about is ISO, aperture and shutter speed setting that's all.Most of the time, I just point and shoot, ha! I always believe camera is just a tool, what's more important is the one snapping the picture, I'm training myself to see the "world" differently from the camera view finder!

so you've been to my tiny country Singapore! and I've been to UK before as well...I've even travelled all the way to the island Hoy north of Scotland. That was quite a few years ago, and the photos I took were all prints, I've no scanner to scan and upload, too bad...

anyway, take care and hope to see more of your works!
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