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Great Disabled_A 2009-05-30 12:42

Hi George,
Curious interesting documentary shot :)
My message is not only for you, but also for everyone who cares to read it after looking at your photo.

I remember those times, but I should say that things were not so bad despite all those "horrors of Communism" ;)

I was brought up in the USSR, and I remember that "era" very well - the second part the "L.Brezhnev era", - the times before 1980s when Moscow Olympic games became a terrific event for the local ordinary (and extraordinary) people.

As an eyewitness of the Soviet Era I appreciate your photo and wonder: what Note would I think of if I had such a photo? :)

Maybe I will disappoint you but in the USSR people did not wear ear muffs ;) People (and me, too) wore handmade woolen caps and (mainly) cony fur hats).

I have read the other members' comments. Some of them made me curious and smile.
"...surviving there was an excellent exercise in creativity"...

I wouldnt say so. There were no beggars, everyone had a job, and we didnt know what "unemployment" is; people earned enough to have a good life - as compared to what we have in Russia now. We always had enough food, by the way.

In many ways those "terrible Communist old times" were better than the current times.

Something essential was better - something which most Russians have lost by now. Something essential existed at that time - something that is not essential anymore now - here.

The Soviet Communist leaders?.. oh my!.. LOL We didn't care a f* about them, we had our own life to care about! Those fellas existed separately from the population :) They were semi-gods LOL
The "chosen ones".
I didn't mind their existing, though. They stole moderately and took good care of the country.
Those who have been in power after the death of the USSR have stolen a lot - much more than they could - and ruined the country.

The "long-awaited" (by whom, may I ask?) changes began in the counting its last days USSR of the post-Brezhnev era.
The former USSR leaders started selling out the country piece by piece to those greedy ones who had always wanted (and still want) to grab as much of the land as possible, with all the precious stuff it has in its subsoil).

Why am I saying this?
I do not doubt in the least that you know full well my attitude towards Russia. That's why I am expressing my opinion which might be of a bit of tiny curiosity for you.
How would I know?..

And the last:
Was it Yves Saint Laurent who said during his visit to Russia in the Soviet era: "I have seen your Socialist paradise, and I want to come back to my Capitalist hell!"?

So, where is hell now?
That is the question!
Best regards,
PS. Gosh!.. Is the longest "critique" I have ever written to a TE photo! LOL
Which means what does it mean?
It means that the photo is real good and it provokes people stirs their thoughts and is, in itself, good food for thought.

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Default To fanni: Where is hell now ?

I'm puzzled.. I'm flabbergasted
I'm scared

Read your lecture Elena, again
Word after word Sentence after sentence

If there are more people in Russia thinking the way you think - the world should tremble right now
I know - I am

I've been to Soviet Russia
God I will never forget Soviet Russia


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