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Old 05-30-2009, 06:43 PM
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Default The reactions to this photo in the past ...part II


faubry (25286)
[2008-01-18 1:00]

and me i hope is over..always leaders in Tv, on poster, i know by words and history talk me friends from Romania and Poland( Sosnoviec)and it was very difficult to survive in those countries.. i see now how is best, but may be too in consommation like us in France or others countries, and i wish traditions stay for long time, we have lost our traditions....
freedom, democraty are normal and never it must return like this shot..nonsense and rubbish time like still north Corean....
thanks George for this photo. take care

Floydian (20505)
[2008-01-18 5:44]

Hi George,
When i saw the picture i had one question...who were those people? Local heroes, war heroes, people sended from Moskou to maintain order as puppets?
There's only one woman, strange, i always though there were more on that level.
The woman with the dog is essentiel, even more while the dog is probably pissing against the gate ;-)
Regards, Henk

bombilla (2678)
[2008-01-18 8:07]

Remember how afraid they were of the camera. Remember how they adopted the techniques of photography and filmmaking to inspire people to their collective cause. Remember how a piece of glass and a strip of celluloid could be the most powerful weapon of hope or of terror (for both sides!) A great tradition to belong to, this image-making business. A fearsome tradition to belong to. Best, -Hugh

euryan (6885)
[2008-01-18 14:09]

Here are just a few reason why this is a great shot :-)
ORWO colors…
Film grain…
Dirt and scratches…
Out of focus...
Lack of geometry (???)…
The silliness of this shot...

The women letting her dog sniff around and perhaps leave a small something behind seems to be making some kind of statement. Perhaps it’s her way of making a protest.

kensimage (6657)
[2008-01-19 23:31]

I'm not a true photography expert, so I'm not required to ignore this one.

Aaah, the fond memories you must have of those wonderful leaders! You are so fortunate to have lived in a workers' paradise, George, I don't think I'll ever get that opportunity! Just look at the utopian existence of that woman and her dog, appropriately given full centrality in your photo, just as the workers are given full centrality in the thoughts of those munificent leaders who the workers honor so deeply. And if those vertical bars suggest a prison, well, it is only a prison for the decadent bourgeoisie, and every society SHOULD well be a prison for THEM! You may worry that the idyllic existence of your socialist past seems lost, but it will return one day if you just keep the faith, George, if you just keep the faith.

Regards, Ken.

Clairedelune (4622)
[2008-01-20 10:19]

Hello George,
Since the end of December, I am constantly in a rush, having no spare time. Busy, busy, busy life... of a Western woman! :)) And this afternoon, I had a little break and I thought "Ok! Let's go in TE, to see what is happening there! Some new mischief maybe?" Full of expectations, and will to do many, many critiques (?!), I tumbled on this photo. Just to read your note and the very interesting comments (especially those of 'avene' and 'zmey') of funny ones (ah! the sense of humor of kensimage!), I think I've just spent half of my free time!! And to not understand Polish is partly frustrating, partly a blessing so that I can stop and finally write a critique.
But... but... what is left for me to write????????????????????????????????
Me, an ignorant young (at the time!) Western, blessed by the God(s), woman... what can I write? I was living in a poor family in the 70s, but there was meat on our table. Ok, quite often the same meat, but meat nevertheless! And except in a somewhat black period of our history (the famous October crisis of 1970 in Quebec), the military vehicles and the soldiers were not a presence in the streets of my world. There was no big - giant - huge! - posters of our leaders, except maybe at elections time!
Ken is so right with his remark establishing a parallel with the prison bars... I could not have said it better.
So, the only thing I can say about this photo is that it should go in the archives of the Humanity for being representative of this era, to express with not one word a world where only dogs could sh*t at the feet of the great leaders...
N.B.: Can you please stop to write mind-boggling notes? You know, my popularity on TE will suffer if I take one hour for writing just one critique!

Dpbours (5504)
[2008-01-21 1:11]

Hi George,

Under the smart and beloved guidance of the Politbureau. Hahaha, like that. Good sense of humour - though it'll probably be very close to the truth....
Good to see that I'm not a true expert. Must be a hard life being one...

Greetz, Dennis

xuaxo (3439)
[2008-01-29 13:05]

Hi G!
With that text of the note I'd expect an even more colorless photo. At least the lady wears blue and the dog is not brown :-)

With some photoshop and minor adjustments in the text, this post could be North Korea, 2008.

tamatree (145)
[2008-04-20 0:36]

What a classic! But then this photograph is a year older than me that's proberbly has that simple elegence of days gone bye. Timeless!
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