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Default original post - part 2


pgorod (944)
[2007-06-01 5:07]

Hi George,

your photo really sums up a lot of what city life is made of...

Institutions: we see a cop on the right, and a guy with a "Supreme Court" (!) sweater on the left.

Capitalism: we see the all-present McDonalds sign, and other commercial advertisements...

People: lots of them, moving along the depth of the photo, with lots of horizontal lines in the photo, perpendicular to their movement. We can read a sign: "One Way", which nobody is obeying.

We see a smile of joy in that man's face, a pure smile, childish, while the biggest signs above his head are of... temptation.

vinicio (12780)
[2007-06-01 7:48]

Crowed street and photo, it's full of things (and people) to watch, and this is good and pleasant, beautiful image Giorgio, interesting and under some aspect also amusing, well done, compliments and my wishes for a good week-end.

euryan (5018)
[2007-06-01 11:23]

That cop on right edge of the frame makes all the difference in my opinion. I like how you lighten his face perfectly. Funny how my eyes skipped right past everything to focus on that McDonalds sign. I guess that means I must add this photo to my McDonalds theme (yes!!! one from Polonaise).

paulalex32 (306)
[2007-06-01 11:57]

Hey George,
Sorry, but I am not feeling anything from this except maybe an "example shot" taken from a 1980 Canon owner's manual. The image is random, far, far too grainy and the scan job is terrible! If I try really hard to please you with my comments, I might try to abstract this image by pointing out the moral apathy/acceptance of a situation such as this based on the fact that people walk by oblivious. However, that would be condescending. Sorry, this shot is too random for me to give points to.

kdialyna (787)
[2007-06-01 21:30]

Hi George.
I think you have a bad name. "The terror with the camera". Look how the policeman look at you. He recognise you, I think.
...And the signs!!! Everything for the adults.
And the best... not sky, only advertisings...our new God...
Yes George, I walk with you.
Have you a nice day

Vato_Law (7482)
[2007-06-03 14:55]

Hello George,
Nice sky of advertisements you got on this one, framing so well the action bellow, so typical of the Big Apple.
What I like on all this action are the different atitudes of each person walking, ones smiling, others seaming to be thinking, others with a strong closed (focused) face, mostly all of them indifferent from all this 'suggestive' adverts.

keribar (26721)
[2007-06-06 1:00]

Hello George,
This is the kind of light I call " Irrestible " I simply love these heads which receive a fringe of light from the top of probably from the back. It is like a tunnel where you can see the small end with plenty of light, and makes you think about freedom.
Well managed technically and superb composition -

barrufeto_77 (12103)
[2007-06-06 3:39]

Hi George.

If you wanted to show us how N.Y. is....perfect. You got it clearly!!!

MY compliments for this atmosphere!

Rgs, Oscar

mesutilgim (8042)
[2007-06-07 12:33]

Hello George,
Great capture, und bad light conditions but perfectly mastered !
That's life. So many different messages within one frame.

jmcl (6469)
[2007-06-08 0:19]

Hi George,

Tense, Gritty, .. how many different thoughts crammed into 800 pixels? ... some even on backs .. micropolyphony ..

take care,


xuaxo (2300)
[2007-06-11 8:37]

Witaj Jurku!
The thumbnail has no much appeal (maybe that's why I've clicked only today ;-)
But the real size picture has much to see, a lot of details!
At first I was puzzeled. (Usually I see first and read note after). What's this? A tunnel, a subway station, a casino in Las Vegas? But the light seemed from the sun... in no sky.
OK, it's a city. Maybe The City.
Why do Americans (or any Anglophones) say "adult" instead of "sex", "pornographic", whatever?


riclopes (17525)
[2007-06-26 3:29]

Oh yeah, I'll walk with you George. Just tell me where and when and I'll follow you through your city. Teach me how to capture these urban atmospheres, this magic light, the rush of people going like ants trying to solve their lives, trying to be a bit happy at all cost. Amazing capture of this corner of the most famous city in the world. Love the compact effect from the zoom and your framing with the boards and lights on top is delicious. Oh yeah, I'll follow you. Just tell me where and when...

pamastro (7138)
[2007-07-05 21:46]

This is the old New York I see. The pre Disneyfied New York before these places were run out of the busy areas. The New York that was a bit more gritty and perhaps more real. There's just something of every bit of society mixing together into one anonymous living mass of people. I think also what I like here so much is all the signage in general. I love advertising in cities. There's just something about billboards or neon signs or whatever. I like the mix here of the "adult entertainment" all the way back to "Beauty and the Beast". One could even link it as not the story we think of but another kind of beast.
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