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  AnimeshRay 2007-04-03 14:20

Still no critiques, as Hugh writes elsewhere. How can we critique this? A heart-wrenching moment...too easy to move on and deny the stab of pain that shoots into our innermost corners of the mind, the futility of life that propels us to emotions of nationalism, patriotism and glory by denying someone else a few moments of riding on the shoulders of a father....thanks for posting.

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Default To AnimeshRay: But then what?

I guess that was part of the idea -- too easy to just ignore it and move on to something more easily assimilable, sure. But if we don't ignore it, what then? Forget about the critiquing, I'm really talking about the taking -- and no matter how generous we are, how benevolent and gentle and compassionate, it is still taking. I could think of your woman on the pile of stones, too. What is the exchange that is taking place here? What is the person getting in return for having his or her image posted on this, let's face it, bourgeois site. I know this is the most idealistic and hypocritical of statements on my part and I really have no standing whatsoever to be making it. Yes, Sasa connected with that poor guy and he probably gained from that. I'm sure he did. She is surely a gentle soul, as I have no doubt you are. I like to think I am. And probably Sajjad here, too. But, in the end, I can't help questioning, repeatedly and without resolution, the object of taking this type of photo and posting it here. Who are we to be assessing the compositional qualities of this image? Who are we to be discussing the virtues of a black and white versus color in the portrayal of these unfortunate people? F4 or F5.6? Yeah, that really does a lot for this boy, and for Crazy Davy, and all the rest. Okay, I'll be a little more reasonable. That's not how most people here approach these types of photos. We talk about the emotion, the power, the anguish. We marvel over the humanity. We try to understand and feel their pain. And, okay, I'm sure most of the sensitive folks who ply these pages are quite capable of feeling quite a lot of pain. But . . . then what? Then what? Then what? Don't we then just move on to the next photo? A sunny landscape, a clever conjunction of humans and signage, a witty conceit of light and shadow? Don't we? I'd like to think something good can come out of this, sure. But, you know, even if you and I and everyone who stops to think really hard about the suffering and indignity we are seeing comes away a better person, a more sensitive person, a more caring individual, as the saying goes, so what? Where does that leave these people? Are they not still just abstractions in a frame, components of a diversion? Aren't they really just another piece on the board of the game we all like to play, we shutterbugs?
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Default Re: To AnimeshRay: But then what?

I think they are what they are. Profoundly noble are those who come out of the small houses and lend a helping hand to make a life slightly better. But alas that too is so limited to a few insignificant individuals in time and space that one wonders again, 'so what'? I suppose one way to deal with this is to live as full a life as one can or choose to. It is but a blink in the time scale of the universe. Enjoy what you have for the brief moment that you can, however you like it; if that is by feeling noble for a moment for bringing a corner of the world that you feel strongly about, so be it. At least it allows vent to the creative urge that might make a butterfly-flutter somewhere which might in turn lead to an avalanche in the future...dream on if you want...who knows what can be? The world revolves around, bathed in uncertainty.
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