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Great rbcy1974 2005-07-04 2:32

Hi Herbert,
Very interesting image, you have really manage to capture the moment here. I think that a tighter crop focusing more on the main chatacters even if you have to cut a bit of the head of the drag queen could be effective.

You raise an interesting point.
I myself have learned to respect others, but I must comfess that as a gay man, I am bothered by the fact that to a large number of straight people being gay is synonimous with drag queens, and this is something that makes the coming out and adaptation of many all so much more difficult.

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Default To rbcy1974: Drag Queens

Yes, I understand your point very well. People (gay and straight) tend to think of "gay man=wants to be a woman" and it does make it more difficult for some of us to come out and be accepted by the larger society. But I was raised in the 70s and I have to agree with the "revolutionary" rhetoric of that time, that if the most extreme of us is not accepted, then none of us is really accepted either. You know what I mean? If we are accepted the more we try to emulate and imitate the straight people around us, then are we really be accepted for who we are?

Thanks for the note and I'll take a look at a tighter crop to see if it makes the drama of the scene "pop."

Cheers, Herbert
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Old 07-06-2005, 04:42 AM
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Default Re: To rbcy1974: Drag Queens

Hi Herb,
Sorry for late reply. I agree with you. Tolerance is something one have to leaarn cause as you said if th emost extreme of us is not accepted...
I find drag queens fun now, but I wish it was disasociated from being an exclusive gay phenomenon as many are supposed to be straight.
So is there a big march in Indianapolis?
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Old 07-06-2005, 05:47 PM
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Default Re: To rbcy1974: Drag Queens

Is there a big march here? Good heavens, no. No, Indianapolis is a VERY conservative city in a very conservative state. So consequently, most people prefer not to display public support for equal rights. They tend to want to keep things as they are --they don't want to cause trouble, they don't want to change things, they don't want to make things better. I am originally from Chicago where making trouble for a good cause is considered a person's duty. But here, everything is quiet and nothing changes. So in a real sense, this photo is a perfect metaphor for the Indianapolis attitude: don't make a public display of your sexuality (the Drag Queen) or you will be viewed with hostility (the man behind her).

That is why I am so delighted to see what is happening in Canada and Europe and how vibrant the Pride Marches are around the world.

Thanks for your messages. Keep up the beautiful work from South America.

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