To PJE: Holiday Blizzard

  • Paul -

    Thank you for your comments they are really appreciated. When we went to the store it was for milk and bread since we already had the fixings in house for Christmas dinner. But, the meat counter was really empty as it was on Saturday, according to my wife. Appreciate the officer of a FexEx turkey. That just reminded me of a "WKRP" (a TV show in the 1970's) situation where the weatherman delivered Thanksgiving frozen turkey's from a helicopter, he dropped them from the hovering helo. It sounds like you were really busy last week. Did BC received the same kine of weather that Portland and Seattle got during those storm surges about 10 days ago?

    Merry Christmas

    John Munro
  • Re: To PJE: Holiday Blizzardand Return Comments
    Hi John

    Well fortunately for me living inland in the Fraser Valley all has been not as severe as the west coast of BC has been. Winds stronger than 100 kilometres per hour battered the West Coast on Sunday. It was the latest in a series of severe storms that have hit the province in the past two months, at one point knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people and, at another, forcing officials to issue boil-water advisories affecting as many as two million people in the Greater Vancouver area. I for one have never seen such strong winds. There were many large trees knocked over all over the place including Stanley Park, where the latest TE meeting was held. Thanks for your concern and I trust this Christmas season will enable you to enjoy down time and relaxation. All the best John...take care