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  • Hi everyone;

    I'm pretty sure that majority of us on TrekEarth use Adobe Products- yet there's not really much chat about different uses of their products.

    I've only recently started using Adobe Lightroom with hopes of organising my photos (adding some method to my madness). I'm faced with the dilemma of switching photos to DNG format. Has anyone had any experience with Lightroom or DNG?

    - Dan
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    I use Lightroom, but don't convert things to DNG. I know there is a space savings to be had in doing so,but there are some disadvantages too in my opinion. The disadvantage is that not all apps can use DNGs and some don't read them properly. CaptureOne is an example of a product that doesn't read them at all (the new Beta does, but not the full release). True enough that there are some products that will work with DNGs, but not with other native RAW files, but if I have to use that program, I will convert to DNGs when necessary. For archiving though, everything I have is in the original RAW format, as you can always convert to DNG, but you can't go back the other way. Again, with harddrive space being as cheap as it is, coupled with my time being as valuable as I believe it to be, I just don't see the sense in saving a few GB in my archives.
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    I use lightroom too, and like Darren I don't convert to DNG, I archive in RAW and only convert stuff I'm getting printed, usually to TIFF or Jpeg, through PS CS2.