• I am considering a two week trip to Croatia in June of 2008. I want to tour and photograph the castles north of Zagreb and then tour and photograph in and around Dubrovnik. I am seeking photography sites; ones that I don't want to miss. Is there a list of such sights? This is perhaps too vague of a question, so let me try to expand it a bit. I want to have a list of locations, a particular piece of art, a landscape scene or ancient structure, or a city scene that is something special, something that I don't want to miss. Please be kind, this is my first post here.
  • Pictures fronm Croatia
    of course too late for you...

    But on you can see my pictures from Croatia. I didn't get to Dubrovnic yet though... (you could eventually send your pictures if I can add them to Historvista...)
  • Croatia
    Too much to see and visit in Croatia
    If you will need any advice, specially what to photograph, please do not hesitate to contact me...
  • Plitvice Lakes are beautiful!