Help! Shadow assignment for newbie

  • I bought my first DSLR and our first assignment is challenging. Any ideas, thoughts or positive thoughts? I'll just get out there and do it, but any suggestions from your own experiences?

    Here are the requirements.

    1. Backlight sun behind subject off to side. Sun should not be visible. It should create a halo effect around subject. Needs a darker background. Meter shadow side. P.S. Don't block light.

    2. Sillouette
    Somewhere where no light is falling
    Meter subject's shadow
    take side reading of background
    Focus on subject
    Underexposure is ok
    Silloutte must be sharp.

    I'm still reading the manual.
    Thanks for any help if you feel like responding. You will have my eternal love.
  • Show us
    Please Show us your picture and then it will be possible to discuss , more simple for comments.
    best regards


backlight, shadow, sillouette