To elihesamian: Hi Mohammad!

  • That's very nice to havenews from you. Many thanks for your visit!
    I'm really busy with my job now, and therefore not as present on TE as before neither. So you can be sure I understand you.
    It's still nice to be able and share a few pictures with this big community, even if it's just once in a while, isn't it?
    All the best!
  • Re: To elihesamian: Hi Mohammad!
    Thank You very much for your kind reply.
    Yes,Loic,it is.for now these days,I'm trying to post one for a week,less or more,but writting more for friends and other new members JUST for keeping in contact with TE(friends and ...),You know in these busy days of us(job,...) we need to keep some hobbies and our interest even in minimum time.
    I know that you know very well...,anyway,I'm Thankful for your warm words as always.
    take care
    Best Wishes