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Old 05-26-2020, 08:22 AM
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Default Reasons Mesut's profile was locked.

There has been a considerable amount of speculation about why Mesut Ilgim's old profile was disabled.

As Moderators we do our best to keep any dealings with members entirely private, and attempt to resolve any issues amicably. Mesut has tried to claim he doesn't understand why his account was locked. The problems were raised with him and despite acknowledging our concerns he continued to break the Terms of Service, thereby leaving the Moderators with no alternative but to act.

Here are some of the specifics -

It came to our attention that he had posted many duplicate images, in direct contravention of the rules. A few might be accidental, but over 200 were found and many of these had been posted using different countries as the location, different year for 'date taken' and different stories to support the image.

An account had been created purely to give critiques to his work, and his alone. Not a single image was posted to this account, the only activity was to give nearly 600 reviews of his work. These actions have not only been intended to cheat the TOS and the moderators, but have exploited and cheated his many TE friends and critique-writers.

He was given the opportunity to delete the duplicate images. Not only did he fail to do this, he posted more duplicate images in the knowledge of what would happen if he did this.

Mesut clearly believes he knows the rules better than the Moderators as he has on many occasions tried quoting them at us when unacceptable images have been posted. He has also claimed that because he is a long standing member he should be given more leniency in the way the rules are interpreted. The view of the Moderators is exactly the opposite of that - long standing members should be setting an example to others.

The initial opinion of the Moderators was that Mesut's account should be deleted and he be permanently banned from the site. Doing that however would have meant that all the effort put in by other members in reviewing his photographs would have been lost, and that would penalise them unfairly. Therefore the most practical solution was to lock that account and force him to use a new one.
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Old 09-15-2020, 12:18 AM
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flout the rules when posting into his new account would be. That result would be action taken with no further warning.

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