How do I upload photos?

  • I am having trouble uploading my pictures on the site. It says that minimum 250pixel required ? how do I do that
  • Re: How do I upload photos?
    Pictures have to be at least 250 pixel on the short edge and no more than 800 pixels on the long edge. They also have to be less than 200kb file size. Whatever photo package you use should be able to do the resizing.
    Irfanview, available here is recommended by many members although I haven't used it myself.
  • Re: How do I upload photos?
    Go to "my account."
    Click "upload"
    you can then click "browse" to find a photo that you have stored on the computer or what not. You may have to resize and resave a picture inorder to get it accepted, but red letters will tell you what needs to be changed.
    Then select a country and fill in the blanks to show us what you shot and tell us about it.
    Good Luck.