Help with photoshop CS, bending photos...

  • Ok...

    As some of you might have read on one of my (bad) attempts at making panorama shots I am currently working on a rather big panorama of the Louvre courtyard. You know, Louvre in Paris?
    Well, my problem isn't exactly big.
    As I am stitching together the total of 17 photos, there is next to not chance of avoiding a big "smiley" sort bend to the overall result.
    So here is the question:
    Any idea as to how I might bend the photo to make it more horizontal?
    I have tried the built in CS photomerge program but it simply can't handle to make a perspective of more that ca. 5 photos.

    Please, if you sit on the "how to" knowlege I would really like to know. Either that or if you know a great alternative (and preferably free or cheap) program or plug-in..... Let me know!


    Odd Jarle Jørgensen
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    The problem is that Photoshop's not the best tool for panorama stitching, you'd be better off with something like PTgui instead. It has an "Align Panorama" option, which you can use to correct the bowed horizons fairly easily.
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    Hi Jarle,

    just posted a 360° Pano and some info's on the making in the discussions.

    A quick answwer - if it's made with wideangle - you will not be able to correct that, which you can do to a certain extent with some PS tools, like skew, de-barrelizer and the help of vanishing point.

    That's about what makes sense to say, without having seen the images.

    Cheers, Klaus
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    Problem solved.

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    I never use Photoshop CS2 for stitching!! I use Panoramamaker instead. It is not free, but it is real good.