To gringofil: re

  • First, let me thank you for commenting and rating this picture.
    You raised a very important, "philosophical" question: is photoghaphy a representation or an interpretation of reality? Better, do its best function consist in stimulating immagination or representing the reality? My answer is: it depends. Depens on photographer's personality, on his mood in that moment, on situation, on the subject. So, perhaps you are right: my note is too much realistic and, giving a clear explanation, I killed poetry in this photo.
    But what especially surprised me in that situation was his surprise for that "miracle". This is the reason because I wrote that rude but realistic note. But I'll keep your teaching for the future.

    I hope my poor english will be able to explain my thought. Anyway, thanks so much aganin for your interesting criticism.
    Regards Paolo
  • Re: To gringofil: re
    Don't stop writing notes on my account...write what you feel, write about the facts that may or may not kill the poetry in a given picture. I fully understand where you are coming from and your perfect statement about photography "is photoghaphy a representation or an interpretation of reality" is outstanding. Each person sees a photo for what they want to see in it...and this is the beauty of photography, I think.