The beta version of the site does not work

  • The beta version of the site has not been working for two days, I hope it will be restored soon, thanks
  • Ciao Luciano,
    I have started a thread about it already. I don't think they will switch the beta back. I am worried they may switch the main site off as well.
    Kind regards,
  • God help us if they switch the main site off as well ! I had been wondering ! What would happen to all the work we had put into it ?
  • Hello and thanks for updating us man.
  • The Beta version has apparently been permanently closed down, which is a shame as the larger image size was a distinct improvement on the main site. It would have been nice to have been told that it was going to happen: I think it's called communication...

  • Posting purely as a member of the site, nothing to do with being a mod. Beta sites are generally only intended for testing changes / updates for a site and use of them is always a risk. I agree that some warning of it's closure would have indicated at least a minimal interest in effect it would have on members.
  • It appears that the Beta version will no longer be active. If it's any consolation, I was give the same notice all of you were.
  • I have worked out how to get the mobile site working for people using chrome. If you clear all your cookies forthen it should start working again. Obviously the site sent a bad cookie at some point which has snaptube vidmate word to pdf caused it to not load on those devices. This may also work for people who aren't using chrome but i cannot confirm this.