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Good burdallet 2004-10-04 15:16

May I proposed a WS to increase the light in your picture ? compare and tell me

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Default To sohrab: naga babas in allahabad?

Thanks for the positive commnents! Sorry but can't tell you too much about it - film was used and was probably Kodak 200ASA print film. It was still fairly dark so no filter (I use a polariser for moutain shots after the sun comes out). On photoshop the original was cropped a little, converted to greyscale and I upped the contrast and sharpened. Certainly more b/w to come - these shepherd shots are not very colourful anyway and I like the way black and white enhanses the texture and atmposhere.

Is it corect that there is a half Kumbh Mela in Allahabad this year - will you be going? Everyone likes a good sadhu picture but you have managed to get much more into the reality of their everyday lives and it is a facinating insight.

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Old 10-12-2004, 12:36 PM
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Default Re: To sohrab: naga babas in allahabad?

hi richard
to be honest it's very confusing to keep yourself updated on the smaller kumbh melas as you have some in haridwar also
imm anyway tied down with studies. have my main semester exams coming up in november, so for the time being i cant think of going anywhere.
in december though i get 2 weeks off, (new years, christmas break)
i want to go and search for another sect of sadhus called the agodhi math sadhus. if people think , nagas are scary and ferocious, then they havent heard of the agodhis. it is very hard to find them and for that i'll have to spend a few night (atleast) in burial grounds. so you can imagine being at night alone in a burial ground listening to the calls made by the cicadas and other insects watching the mist fall down to the ground . hopefully there is some moonlight bringing out silhoettes.
these sadhus follow an extreme form of religion, they are almost a legend in india. they are nycrophiles so you'll find them with dead bodies. they are also known as brain eaters, as they consume the brain of the dead body. drink and eat out of human skuls. really extreme stuff. only last night i was told of another place near calcutta, where at night these sadhus gather in the cremation grounds, go into a state of trance. there are half burnt human bodies lying next to them , they drink some form of a liquor or something out of the skulls. some of them are known to practise black magic.
you see ive only heard about all this , so i dont know if all this is true since i havent seen any of it myself. these people dont let themselves get photographed either. so this is just a possibility for now.
on the lighter side, the other options for me are bodh gaya and ujjain. the former for the buddhist monks and the latter for the huge diversity in the the sects of hindu sadhus
i just hope i dont get stuck somewhere else during this break :)
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