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Old 12-07-2007, 02:53 PM
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Default To Mondaychild: "kiffer", in French

Interesting remark, Gisi ! I just checked on the net : "kiffer", a French slang word, means generally to appreciate, to like something : "Je kiffe trop cette fille !" = "I like 'too much' that girl", meaning 'a lot' of course, + there is actually also another, less used meaning, which is indeed to smoke "kif"...
Well, I learnt something today !

(NB : do you have also in German slang this tendancy to confuse nowadays "MANY, A LOT" with "TOO MANY, TOO MUCH", like it seems a fashion in French ? I am sure that it comes also from Arabic, arriving from the French "banlieues", because in Arabic, in Turkish and in Persian (and maybe in many other languages), there are no distinctions between those very different terms...

And old Islamic men : they are not that intimidating, (and I am not that young either !:((

Best regards, have a great weekend Gisi, and thank you for your visit !
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Old 12-14-2007, 08:56 AM
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Default Re: To Mondaychild: "kiffer", in French

Hi Cath,

concerning the "kif" thing: The verb "kiffen" is only used in slang. In standard language, you would say "er raucht Haschisch" (= "he smokes hasheesh") instead of "er kifft"

concerning the language problem with "a lot" ... well, I haven΄t noticed that in German language, interestingly, as we have many Turkish immigrants here. There are hardly any Arabic (some Egyptians in the larger towns) and Persians (at least where I live)

But Turkish pupils (or people in general) do have another problem in the German language: In Turkish, the word "gόzel" can used in many different ways: "a lovely baby", "a beautiful woman", "a well-tasting food", etc. Perhaps there are other words but they usually don΄t differ in daily life. In German - as in English or French - there are different adjectives, and they can΄t be used similarly - because otherwise it sounds strange. So, many Turks confuse these adjectives in German.

Concerning the islamic men: I meant that they are perhaps so conservative that they don΄t accept a women in their cafιs.

Have a nice weekend,
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