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  • merhaba hakan

    thank you for the insighful and kind comment. as to oversharpening: well, i know that stuff is highly dependent on the monitor. unfortunately, i cannot see how you see the pic on yours. all i could do was to optimize it (to my liking) on the screen i worked on. i know, that opening the same pic on my other monitor displayed it too dark... while opening it on my work computer showed oversharpening as you noticed. so, yes, hard stuff: to make all monitors happy at the same time. :)as to increasing brightness in upper corners: good idea. i guess, it would tame the wide angle vignetting. don't know why i did not do it in the first place. :)

  • Re: To delic: PP
    Good day Kristaps :),

    You are right about the monitor problem. Calibration and different resolution levels make it impossible to have a uniform quality. We all struggle with it. I am viewing on an Apple PowerBook G4, which is has probably become outdated.