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Great richwm 2007-07-05 11:44

Hi Jan,

Nice to see you on here so I guess I should say welcome to TE! If you give this site a little bit of time and attention you soon realise that it starts to eat into your day and actually becomes quite addictive. Having seen some of your photos over the years I expect it won't be long before you build up quite a gallery on here.

Regarding this image: I'd say your composition and POV are very good. The symmetrical land areas on either side give a nice balance to the photo and I like it how all the boats are pointing in the same direction giving a number of diagonals which help to lead your eye into the frame. Colours are quite good but possibly a little flat though the grey and overcast weather didn't help. Also, the sky is a bit overexposed so there'a a loss of detail in that area. Otherwise, it's quite a nice image! :)

To give you some advice and a few tips about this website:

When you add your own image, take a little time to cast your critical eye over other people's images too. If you leave a critique then people are usually grateful especially if you take the time to offer some useful advice: good points, bad points, ways you'd improve on their image etc... By studying other people's photos you soon start to pick up on ways to improve your own pictures too. Also, by leaving a critique to another member's photo you usually find they, in turn, will return the favour by commenting on one of yours. So you get more feedback, more advice, more comments, more points, friendships are made... everyone is happy! Except Neil, who's probably wondering why you're always on the computer and he doesn't see much of you anymore!!!

When you post a photo - your maximum width or height limit is 800 pixels and file size is 200Kb. Try to upload a photo that is as near to these as possible whilst still retaining detail and you'll find they receive more attention. Your first photo was rather small but this one above is much better. Also, always try to write a good note to accompany your image. A bit about the place, the subject, the history, shooting conditions... anything relevant and interesting because photos with some information are better received than those without. The motto for this website is after all "Learning about the world through photography". Usually, a photo with no information at all only tells you half the story. Many people won't comment on a photo without information no matter how good it is!

Anyway, I've gone on far too much already. Look forward to seeing more photos of yours on here. What about some of those fantastic shots you took in Australia?!!!



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Default To richwm: Hiya Rich

I was wondering how long it would take you to find out i'd followed you onto here!!

Thanx for the tips, i'll have to make a special effort to write more informative notes as i find that i get wrapped up in the taking of and appreciating a good image and not really remember much about the place! But have found from surfing this site so far that without any notes about a strange and wonderful scene, find it difficult to really enjoy it. Although would be hard pushed to write anything like you do?! Think you could produce a book from your trip??!

Have you any tips on the image processing?? For this, and Neil's image (yep i've roped him onto the site!) i did a bit of enhancing of sharpening and contrast and then resized so width was actually 800pixels and then saved using medium quality in photoshop but the actual image size comes out as low as 98kb, which leads me to believe i could actually get more quality in there but if i increase from medium, the file size stays large?! So what i'm asking is if you've got a method you stick to, rather than me having to spend hours to find a good way that works!!!! Cheeky i know, but it's worth a try! And your shots don't have any of the graininess that i see in mine, so you must be doing it better than i am.

As far as my Oz pics are concerned, i'd love to post them but they're all slide and film! What can i say i was at the stage where i was dead-set against digital??!!!

Anyhoo, about this particular image, i knew i liked it because it 'felt' right, but didn't realise it was the diagonals so thanks for that, will remember that. I was also thinking the sky was overexposed but the land areas are a bit dark - guess i could do some burning on that bit. Was surfing the site yesterday and found a guy going on about some technique of stitching several bracketed images of the same scene together to get a greater tonal range in the one image so will have to have a go at that! So yes, already addictive.

Oh and Neil doesn't see me much at all already as my other hobby is even more addictive!!

Cheers Jan
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Default Re: Image processing

Hi Jan,

I normally resize my image to 800 pixels the same as you're doing and then save as a JPG from Photoshop with the quality set somewhere between 8 & 10 (with 12 being the maximum). Usually it ends up as being a 9 which is perfectly good enough for posting on here. You don't really want to go lower than 8 though as the quality really does start to drop from 8 downwards. The "busier" an image is and the sharper it is, the larger the file size. A macro image for instance, which has a really blurry background will be a smaller file size than the same image where everything is sharp so shooting with the aperature on f/3.5 will create smaller files than a shot where it's set to f/16.

Black and white shots also are lower in file size than full-colour images.

Put a frame around your photo in photoshop before uploading to TE. It creates the illusion of a larger image even though it's still only 800 pixels incl. the frame and if done well then it will enhance the image too.

When 'sharpening' an image in Photoshop try masking off just the areas you really want to sharpen and leave the rest as it is as this will keep the file size down too. You generally don't need to sharpen a sky do you? Besides, it will stop you getting graininess in these areas.

To reduce graininess in a photo you can use 'Surface blur' (Filters>Blur>Surface Blur) and set it to +3/+3 on an 800 pixel image for some subtle yet improving results. There's also a programme available for download called "NeatImage" on the web which alot of people on this site swear by. Never tried it myself but seen the results enough times and it looks very impressive. I think it's pretty cheap to buy and you can download a trial version first, I believe.

Hope these little tips help.

Have a good weekend, look forward to your next upload!

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