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  Polonaise 2006-09-04 19:26

This photo, beside being a quite well composed photo, it has most important feature within.
It conveys the message!
The message is: "What good that kind of human activity can do to our society?"
The young kids trained to carry weapons and to be ready to kill the people (Oops…to defend our beloved country).
We teach them how to kill, as long as we tell them, that this is very patriotic and absolutely necessary. We don't even say 'it's a killing'! Oh, no. It's "eliminating the enemy" Never ever in history of our civilization, training the young people of 'how to use the weaponry' prevented or defended ANYTHING. Quite on contrary - it ALWYS leads to bloodshed. It always leads to attacking the other side, who trained its youngsters with 'how to', as well, or it's the surest way to provoke an attack from the other side.
Will this madness ever end?
Do you know, that this adult, seemingly mature man on the right, should be prosecuted for committing crimes. He's training others on how to kill as fast and as many human beings as possible.
Instead - he's an honorable member of the society. He has medals, and salary, and respect and love of the nation he lives within. He's very proud of himself, I guess. Him and thousands like him in every possible corner of the globe - teach us how to kill efficiently. The governments of the respected countries pay him well to teach their citizen how to kill.
But…That's the world we live in, for the last few thousand years. And nothing can be done, right?
Wrong !!
What about naming this handsome man on the right, with his open and smiling face - a murderer! Or killer? Or son of a b****? Or a brainless idiot? Or criminal ? Or smiling imbecile?
It won't change anything - you may say, Ekaterina.
Well, I can assure you of one thing. It will change a lot. More than you can even imagine.
My words, my writing right here to your posted picture - will be read by many people. If one of the readers will think for a moment about this whole story and change his view upon certain things in our life - I'll be more than happy to retire into my cozy armchair, with the glass of good brandy in my hand, with the smile on my face.
Thanks Ekaterina for your patience.
Have a great day.
George G.
Toronto Canada

PS: What kind of brandy may I serve you, Ekaterina?

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Default To Polonaise: Children with guns

I don't think so. In groups like this one children learn how to fulfil orders, how to do what they need to do, not what they want. And I think it is better if they spend their freetime in such groups, not mooching about the yards. May be you know that there are some Fascist groups of young men of 16-25 in Russia. They beat and kill people Armenians, Azerbaijanies and Georgians. I don't think children like these on my photo who learn to use gun, who learn to know the price of the human life, would kill with such Fascist groups.
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