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Great jiekuan 2006-07-20 0:41

In my humble opinion, this picture needs more Depth of Field. I can see the head and legs are blur. Just cannot see a clear whole cricket

Old 07-24-2006, 07:11 AM
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Default To jiekuan: Blur!


Thanks for visitng and appreciate your comment.

Taking macro shot is not an easy task, especially if you are shooting it in the natural surrounding and your subjects is nature as well. As you have commented that the insect is blur, well, JJ, it's not blur. It is not sharp enough. Most probably the focusing have targetted it's body instead of it's head. So, I hope you would understand the technique of capturing natures in macro.

Depth of Field, well, in the picture of mine, I could see anything in the background except the blurness created from the macro lens. This is what we called Depth of Field (DoF). Once any subjects been focused and the background turned blur, it is called DoF. I don't know your understanding about DoF. I've came across many whom do not understand the term of DoF. Or maybe you are refering to the dept of the picture.

If you are refering to the dept of the picture, well, you are wrong again. Such picture of macro does not produce any depth. Depth is onlt created in such pciture like taking architectural shots, or perspective shots. Maybe you could refer to one of my pictures which highlight the Majestic Hotel of Ipoh. The one that was taken inside. There is the depth and it is called the depth. Something that you can "feel" towards the image, JJ.

Thanks again for visitng.


Eric Lai
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Old 07-24-2006, 10:47 AM
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Default Re: To jiekuan: Blur!

Hi Eric,

Maybe I had used the wrong word or term. Please correct me.

I am not sure the reason that cause the blurness on cricket. If it is due to macro lens, then I am wrong.

Am I right to stay that if you had use a smaller aperture, a point farther away or nearer to the point of focus will be sharper? since depth of field increase.

and if the point of focus is on the cricket's body, if depth of field is increased ( by using smaller aperture), It may make the cricket's head and legs look sharper ( if the blurness is due to this reason)

Maybe i have a wrong concept here. Please advise.
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Old 07-24-2006, 11:06 AM
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Default Speed and Aperture


Thanks for writing in.

Well, the unsharpness (not blurness, my friend), is due to the sensitivity of the Macro len, hled by hand, without the use of tripod. Have you try a macro? Try to go to the nearest your lens could allow you to. You will feel the focusing pretty difficult and that's why I used multiple exposure for every macro shot. By the click to the shutter upon focusing, the image will be captured repeatly, until I release the shutter.

So, it's due to the macro lens, which the sensitivity is very high, if you go to the limit of it and hand held it. Alright?

Well, sometimes, in circumstance, like this shot, which we taken in the jungle of Gunung Ledand, where natural light is not always giving the helping hand. A few minutes later, it will be away, and suddenly, its back!

So, for me, I have to limit both the speed and aperture, which is I have both the speed and aperture adjusted together. This is my style.

Some, may reduced the aperure value to the biggest, and some will use the speed to the slowest.

In such shot, if I were to use a smaller aperture, I have to reduce the speed to the slowest too. Since the smaller aperture only allow minimal lights, hence, slow speed have to make the recovery. As the result, everything will turn out blur.

On the matter of DoF, since you have seen the whole inset is pretty close range, that's why the DoF is not very visible. Unless if I were to pull back a little, that's say, one feet backward, probably you would see the significant of the DoF.

Hopefully the above may give you the idea of shaprness to blurness and the DoF to the Depth of a Picture.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Hey, nice having a forum with you.

Hey, maybe you can send me your email address at [email protected],com and we can get to know each other, alright.

Till then stay cool.

Eric Lai
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