To delpeoples: eels

  • Hello again dear Lisa,
    Recipes, eh? Well, here in Greece, in most cases the eels are roasted. Especially, if they are above a certain size (because if they 're too small it's so easy to have them "burned" and be black due to overroasting from the outside and raw inside). It is even better not to have them roasted in the oven, but barbequed: they 're really great! In the vicinity of the spot where the photo was taken, there is even a fast-food&take-away shop, where you can get ONLY eel and ONLY roasted. The place is even called "the Emergency Rescue" (witfully implying they roast the fish so nicely that you'll eat and drink so much ending up hospitalised). ;-)

    Apart from roasting, the eels can always be cooked in a pot with some herbs or even cut in slices and fried, but this is really rare.

    Anyway, thanks for asking and thank you very much for your critique (and for your critiques in general). Warmest regards. See you around...