To RedCrown: Two pale greenies make one whole ;o)))

  • It's like Xmas today, buddy. Seriously, though, your pale greenies are always sweetened by the most penetrating insightful comments, and I thank you for that. You really know your stuff.

    By the way, speaking of blown highlights, I have sold by 5DII just last week to a rude, ingrate Japanese chap in Iwate Prefecture (through Amazon) - I even threw in two extra screens and a brand new third party battery grip!

    In the end I just could not take the sluggish AF, looong viewfinder blackouts and stutttering shutter response with the big mirror SLAP for a finale ;o) I am considering Pentax again - the excellently appointed new K-5 with maybe a couple of those lovely pancake primes, you know?

    We'll see.

    I'm a little disappointed that you feel that way about my "new colors" - there is a whole logic behind it as far as India is concerned (not wanting to trail after the Masters of the genre...) If it's any consolation to you Luko who has not commented on a single one of my India pics either here or elsewhere, tends to agree with you. he asks: "Where are the beautiful Canon colors? You've gone back to those sad, Nikon hues, etc.". Well, they're in the hands of that bloody ingrate up in Iwate, that's where ;o)
  • You must be in Europe still. Or are researching Pentax way into the Japanese morning! You may now have seen that I sent you a rambling email. Yes, too much work and no time for TE (or the other place). Don't let my pale smilies be a discouragement - I set the bar extra high for you knowing your work ;-) Well, I expect my B&W images when they are here to get the cold shoulder - it would be nice to rely on at least one person to look at them (and maybe even return a pale greenie!) :-))))
  • Before you jump to Pentax, I think you've got to try the D7000 if you've not already had a test-drive in the Ginza. From what I read, the AF and metering will be at least a generation ahead of anything else out there. And you've always the choice of the chipped Zeiss ZF.2 lenses if you want to couple top-performing MF glass to that meter. Of course, there's the Nikon colours. . . But as you seem to be tending in that direction anyway of late ;-)