To PixelTerror: the shadows

  • Grüezi Jean Yves,
    muchas gracias for appreciating my unexpected shot!

    Concerning the shadows in this image... Unfortunately this shot was not taken in RAW... just in JPEG.
    The original photo is a little darker on the right, so I brightened it a bit.

    Maybe this brightened part of it looks very bright on your monitor? Do you have a Mac? If viewed on a Mac, photos look much brighter than if viewed on a PC. The same "trick" is with photos posted by Gert ( all his photos look much darker on my PC.

    hmmm... I am kinda "lost in translation" of one of the phrases which, I suppose, is in the local dialect? Anyway, with the help of Swedish and English, I can guess what it means.

    Speaking about dialects... I don't like the sounding of "traditional" German, but, as a linguist, I was simply fascinated by the Swiss German variant of the language the first time I heard it - long ago...
    I remember enjoying it (and not understanding a single word of what was being said) when I was in a company of some Swiss friends whom I visited.. they drank 2 bottles of the Russian vodka which I brought to them as a gift... and began to discuss something very passionately, completely forgetting about me LOL LOL
    Then, being drunk, they looked at the T-shirt which I was wearing (the t-shirt had runic alphabet on it) and said that they were Russian letters
    I had much fun!

    hottest greetings from grilled Moscow,
    aka fanni
  • Neeeiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !
    Mac ist dem Computer was Nikon der Photographie ist, Vade Retro !!!

    I agree with you 100% about CH dialects, to me german is boring except in Bavaria and southern Baden-Württemberg where they speak alemanisch, CH-Dialects are a lot more musical, especially here in the east, I have a colleague who is a true appenzell woman and I like to call her just to hear the sound of her voice, she speaks in a slow, very melodic and relaxing way