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Great bisok 2010-01-26 18:41

Hi Santo

You're right; I'm talking about information included
in your Photographer's Note.
This day is important for Australia
and these animals are important for Australia as well.
That's right.
If we think about Australia, very often these animals come to our minds.
I have a kangaroo's picture in my collection too ( ) but unfortunatelly I connected it with a different word - with a 'misunderstanding' :-)

Yes, there is a rabbit there. But, let's leave this small animal. Focus our attention on this big ones.
I wanted to say that you forgot to mention about two matters :-)
- there are many shops in Australia, selling kangaroo's meat (just kangaroo's meat),
- the kangaroo's meat is the healthiest meat among the others selling in Australia's butchers' shops.

All in all, apart from that I'm almost a vegeterian :-) and apart from that the kangaroo's meat is one of the healthiest meat in the world, I couldn't eat such beautiful animals like above (on your photograph) :-(
I prefer 'vegetables' like kangaroos :-)))


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Default To bisok: Rabbit explosion

Hello Mirek, Good to hear from you, I was thinking to pay you a visit & see what photos you have been posting lately, I will do that after but first I want to tell say thanks for your visit & comments. I agree with all you said, I forgot to mention that it is used for human consumption & sold in butcher shops, a few years ago it could only be purchased for pet meat, although the Aborigines have been eating it since day one. I left the rabbit in this pic because I wanted the opportunity to explain the big problem we have in Australia with these animals, I think it must be the only place in the world where this problem exists. I will also look at your Kangaroo. Thanks. Take care
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Default kangaroo

Yes Mirek, I had been with you for 2 days and we had meals together and the final night it was vegetarian pizza for you and spaghetti for me. That is a healthy practice and each person has his/her own preference or choice. That is fine.

I take your point about Kangaroo meat. The rabbit is sometimes a nuisance in Australia as shown in Santo's photo. As a photo, I like the image and it is a fine shot. I also remember when we were coming down the drive on the steep slope in the strong sunlight evening, you stopped the car to let me shoot the kangaroos. That was a fine moment too.

The above 2 moments in my visit will always make me remember 2 important things, my friends in Australia who took me to see the Kangaroos and a different world we live in but we share same dreams in many ways.

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Default Our food

@ To Skippy07 (@ To trekks will be the next mail)

Hi Santo

I am slightly active on TE last time, because ... and there are some reasons. Never mind. Let us leave it. From time to time I will be on TE, once more frequant, once less ...
My photo of kangaroo is far worse to yours because of its quality. I showed it just because I loved the situation of boxing kangaroos :-)
Leave my picture. If you want, say something about my last productions :-)

The photo of rabbit & kangaroos showed by You is a very good quality and I like it. In addition you are a very lacky man to have opportunity taking such photograps (two species of the most numerous animals in Australia at one time, apart from the ants of course :-)
But I was talking not about photograph all in all, but about kangaroos, Yes, of course,
intentionally, I didn't write about rabbits in Australia (come from Europa as I remember),
because it's another 'big problem' in Australia and we can write and wite about it. The rabbits don't have natural enemies in Australia, and that's why Australia has a problem (or maybe to be more precise, farmershave problems, as I know).
Maybe it's worth to mention about a very good movie 'related' with the rabbits in Australia:
"Rabbit-proof fence". On of the best in the Australia Cinamatography, I can say.

Yes, but in the beginning, I've had different associations looking at your photo. It was exactly, the matter of kangaroos meat as food. I was very surprised at the beginning of my stay in Australia seeing shops selling just kangaroos' meat. There are various kind of products made from kangaroos meat in these shops. Well, supposedly, people eat everything :-)

P.S. I din't know about 'a few years ago it could only be purchased for pet meat'.
Hmm. I leave it without comment ...

Take care

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Default Our food

@ To Trekks


Hi Bill

It's good to hear you. Yes, you're right writing about our meal which we've had together.
BUT !!! :-))))
You forgot to mention about the restaurant :-)
It was the ITALIAN restaurant. You know what I mean :-)

Unfortunately, as I remember, There wasn't any other vegetarian dishes apart from the pizza and spaghetti :-)

There are some number of vegetarian restaurant in SA, more and more, but in my opinion it's worth to mention about most frequent phenomenon, I've noticed. I mean about ORGANIC shops and ORGANIC restaurant. It's very interesting phenomenon, and as I remember I didn't see it in for example in Europe :-(
It's a quite interesting subjest to discuss, I reckon.

Ok.Ok. As you can read in my post to Santo, I've mentioned that I like his photo. But very often seeing a photo I have 'strange' associations :-). This time it was the kangaroos' meat :-)

I almost forgot to mention about my new photo. Look at it. It's a bit about your words above:
"we were coming down the drive on the steep slope in the strong sunlight evening"

Take care my dear Friend

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