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  Shutter2Think 2005-02-11 20:34

That's a very beautiful shot of the sunrise. I like the color of the clouds and the pink-violet reflections they leave in the water. But, this is a "critique" and not a "comment," so let's get going. Personally, I find the composition off a bit. For one, the horizon line is in the middle and so is one of the lighthouses....avoid the middle. I think it would have been better if the horizon line was moved down to the lower third of the foreground--the dark foreground doesn't really add anything. Regarding the lighthouse in the middle of the image, it would have been good to see you pan to the right and move it more to the left. I don't know how much you've learned about composition...but, the canvas should be divided in 1/3rds...both horizontally and vertically. And where the lines meet (if you draw an image you'll see division lines that look like a "tic-tac-toe board")...are good places to have your subjects--generally speaking. Thanks for sharing.

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Default To Shutter2Think: Many thanks.

Thanks for the advice and i will take it on board .Youre comments have made me think more about composition and in so much as i will be out tomorrow taking pictures,so have a look monday to see the diffrence.One final point i did crop a load off the sky on the original,but i appreciate youre time and comments,Kind regards.
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Default Re: To Shutter2Think: Many thanks.

You're welcome. Let me just say that the 1/3rd's rules are just guidelines. And if for some reason you don't want to use them (or can't) then go for it and we'll call it "artistic licensing." I know for my part sometimes I don't. For example, if it's a waterscape and there's a building on top and I want to get the reflection in and the whole building as well, and the 1/3rd mark doesn't quite make it right for me, I'll put that horizon line right in the middle. I have a sunset pic I may post up one day, you'll see the horizon is in the middle and it still looks good. The world isn't always set up in 1/3rds, y'know? And in abstracts, it rarely ever is.

About your you cropped "a load of the sky"...maybe it would have seemed more balanced in my eyes and I would've only suggested moving the light house, then.

Best regards...Richard
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