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Default Re: Paid membership?

I agree. One per day is more than enough if we are all going to have time to be effective contributors too. And of course contribution isn't just about posting pictures. It's about offering well considered critiques, workshops and adding to forum debates. I also think it will spoil the pleasure of browsing to see so many pictures posted at the same time. The scale of posts would mean that not only a photographer's best work will be posted but also-rans too. I really wouldn't be bothered to have to wade through the dross. Paying members will resort to picture dumping, just like on flickr.Do we really want to see total rubbish dumped on here?
And as for paying, well there are always other sites to chose from if we have to pay. I have a site in mind, whose members are friendly and helpful. The site allows up to 100 posts before charging and although to date I have not exceeded this, I may do so in the future if TE changes. But I would regret this and miss some members who have become friends. But then we could all agree to migrate to an agreed alternative and so continue the tradition of TE elswhere.I am just about to check facebook to see what facebook TE members are saying.
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