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Default Help with photoshop CS, bending photos...


As some of you might have read on one of my (bad) attempts at making panorama shots I am currently working on a rather big panorama of the Louvre courtyard. You know, Louvre in Paris?
Well, my problem isn't exactly big.
As I am stitching together the total of 17 photos, there is next to not chance of avoiding a big "smiley" sort bend to the overall result.
So here is the question:
Any idea as to how I might bend the photo to make it more horizontal?
I have tried the built in CS photomerge program but it simply can't handle to make a perspective of more that ca. 5 photos.

Please, if you sit on the "how to" knowlege I would really like to know. Either that or if you know a great alternative (and preferably free or cheap) program or plug-in..... Let me know!


Odd Jarle Jørgensen
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