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Default Re: To Guntram: Wow!

Thank you, Claire!

I'm not a Christmas-person either ... in fact, I hate family-gatherings and everything that has to do with it. Since I moved away from near Cologne to Berlin(25 years ago) I have always successfully avoided that. I prefer to see my "gang" in "single portions" only. But I like this time "between" the years a lot, when everything seems a little bit upside down, at least in some parts of Berlin this is true ... but I'm not a party-person either. Oh, I forgot about the meals. well, that's what I really like about Chistmas. Cooking! But not for more than 2 people ...

Anyway, I do also wish to see lots of your pictures in the coming year as well. You've made an extraordinary development so far ... which is very, very inspiring!
t-f-s so far, and in the future!


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