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Default To Royaldevon: Names and numbers

Thank you Beverley,

I don't know how the residents of this village get their mail.
Patau-Patau is a rather small village and I cannot remember to have seen any nameplates of the walkways or any house numbers.

I also visited a much larger stilt house village near Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei and I'm sure that there I have seen nameplates of the walkways and also house numbers.
I must add that I am not sure that every walkway had a name there but I have seen the plates on the major walkways and numbers on the more recent homes.
There was, however, a big difference between the most humble houses and the newest.

I remember the water village in BSB had a fire station (with boats). After all, one of the worst problems that can arise in such a village is a fire.
Everything is built in wood and a fire can spread very quickly.

Best regards,
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