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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey

Thnaks for so diligently reporting on this fabulous experience, Rafal.

Guys, you know what, think, remember your best teacher in high school. There are specifics to photography, but I recognize what DAH told Rafal in what my text teacher (professeur de francais) told me almost 4 decades ago. be succinct, not bloated, don't overstate but stay with it til' you get it right, don't put too many ideas in one place that will dilute your message, define what you want to do and stick with it, and scream your text (not sure what that would be in photography), its flaws will become apparent. In a word, discipline, and we all know, if we are being honest with ourselves, that getting out with the camera, shooting rain or shine does not qualify as discipline.

Luko mentions keeping only the good shots. I think he does not mean "nice" one. In the workshop/students section of his blog, DAH has posted a series from one of his korean students, the discussion between him, DAH, and the blog visitors over the rather uninvolving quality of each shot, taken in itself, or redeemed as a series, defended by David, addresses very much the subjectivity of good and bad shots, and what a series is.

Thanks, Rafal. DAH is from san Francisco. Damned, he must have some family to visit here at some point.....:-)
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