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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey

So if you want your photography to grow - and I know you do - you'll definitely have to pay more attention to consistent projects like your tkd series. Of course, it will not have the usual TE impact your photos get, but TE is not a place to grow when we talk about photography in these terms. The culture here is very different, just because of the way the site was and is designed. It's a pity because the critiques around here are usually better than in many other better designed sites.
I'll sit here waiting for your (and others) photo essays.
Stay safe, l.

Spot on, Luis. I put togeher 2 portfolios. One with TKD one with miscellaneous street shots. Even putting it together, I had a different feeling. The TKD is still in its infancy, I have ideas how to take it further, yet even now, its startint to say something. It will take me a year of shooting it to get what I want, to be able to take a lot of photos, edit down and create something meaningful. The miscellaneous shots were some of my big hitters. I felt nothing overall for it, although some parts offer promising jumping off points to develop into coherent wholes. But as a collection of pretty much unrelated stuff...I shouldnt have even shown it to be honest. Next time I wont make that mistake. Ill take the seedlings and take them somewhere and discard the rest.

The good thing is Ive been able to focus my mind a bit more. The TKD series is something I want to publish eventually as a whole, and even now it could be an ok photoessay. Still very much a work in progress. Other ideas is to really focus in on a single location. The easiest for me is a fountain Ive put photos from onto TE before. Both offer coherency in terms of subject and also style.
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