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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey

Thanks for sharing this Rafal. Really appreciated.
Like Luko says, these thoughts also run through my mind a couple of times. That's why I probably will never be a good photographer. That's not the way we live our passion around here. At least I talk for myself. I don't have the time to devote to this and when I say time I mean almost full time. To build a consistent work you need to devote a lot of effort into it. Specially concerning street photography. As you wrote, a collection of singles means nothing when we talk about serious photography. I mean, just look at your set with a critical mind and you'll find that they are ok but they will never be more than just that. At least, that's what I feel when I look at mine. They don't tell a story, there are assorted emotions in them (if any at all) and they probably will not resist the test of time by themselves.
So if you want your photography to grow - and I know you do - you'll definitely have to pay more attention to consistent projects like your tkd series. Of course, it will not have the usual TE impact your photos get, but TE is not a place to grow when we talk about photography in these terms. The culture here is very different, just because of the way the site was and is designed. It's a pity because the critiques around here are usually better than in many other better designed sites.
I'll sit here waiting for your (and others) photo essays.
Stay safe, l.
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