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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey

get THE location and stand there until I get the ultimate shot, try various day and night lightings, etc. though this is something we, holiday traveling shooters, cannot afford. It may lead to this practical advise : either shoot at home or stay at one holiday place... this sounds like the death of the traveling photographer myth in a way...

Infact Luko this is a topic I brought up with him and the conclusion was that its a great idea. And yeah, what you said would require time and it would have to be something close to home. Ive already taken the initiative to start a one year project which would have me shoot in a single place atleast 3 days a week. And Ive got the perfect place too:)

I suppose that it also confirms the idea that you should only select the creme of the creme of your photos and therefore have to take many to get a quality tight selection.

Big time. And by creme of the crop it has the be absolutely the best. HEAVY editing is in order especially if you think about how few photos a legend like Koudelka, for example, actually has. In decades he has done how many books? Dont start on about Parr:)

Who was it that said the first 10,000 shots are crap? That may not be 100% on the money but it does go to show how few good shots anyone will really have. Even HCB had only a small window over his long life where he shot his most brilliant work.

P.S. Luko, where are you migrating?
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