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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey

Very interesting learnings...

I vaguely had this scheme in mind, sometimes in practise : get THE location and stand there until I get the ultimate shot, try various day and night lightings, etc. though this is something we, holiday traveling shooters, cannot afford. It may lead to this practical advise : either shoot at home or stay at one holiday place... this sounds like the death of the traveling photographer myth in a way...
I suppose that it also confirms the idea that you should only select the creme of the creme of your photos and therefore have to take many to get a quality tight selection.

"No matter how good an image it is. perhaps this is the biggest weakness of Trek Earth, as good a site as it is. It doesnt teach us to put together longer series."
Well, this might not be so new but that is a serious confirmation for something some of us have already complained in the past. There is no place in Trekearth for photo sets (who said "themes"? Lemme laugh...) and this is a reason why some of us are migrating towards gallery oriented sites.
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