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Hi Paul,

Papagolf21 was trying to upload a photo w/o success when he wrote this request but it looks like he did upload it later as I could see a new photo having been uploaded on the same day.

Holmertz told him it was possible but he had to wait a bit longer.

Papagolf21 replied he had tried many time w/o success. He also writes here that the Main Page of TE is not working and keeps showing the same items. Also the lapse of time between critiquing + adding smiley and showing on screen was too long.

Gildasjan wrote there are too many problems for the last two months, everything costs too much time. He does not understand why the site is slower after a change of server (?) he is asking himself if anybody is still here to run the site. His conclusion is that TE is dying... (?)

I read the thread after Papagolf21 posted a photo on April 11th so I assumed his problem was fixed.
About TE being slow or Gildasjan's complaint, it happens sometimes but I don't think it has become worse. As I am not technical at all, I can't reply here...

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