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Default To holmertz: Poverty

Thank you Gert,

Kratovo was the poorest town in North Macedonia that I've visited.
You will also effectively find houses there in the nature of the ones shown by Krzysztof or Pavle from their country.

I cannot remember Kumanovo. I travelled in the reverse direction from North Macedonia to Serbia but also by bus. I honestly don't remember if the bus had a stop in Kumanova or just drove around it ...
In any case, I did not visit that town but I was in several others in the country.

On the same journey I was in another even poorer place in Serbia.
The latter country, I believe, was the European country with the greatest differences in development between different places. Also the greatest cultural differences between the inhabitants of different places.
And I'm talking about the country's own people, not recent entrants.

Kind regards,
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