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Default Re: I agree with Jose

favorites selection is one way to go ahead
Sure, but let's remember many use the site with different responses to such features. For example, I hardly think anymore of that "fav pix"section, for no special reason. Still, I am sure there are great shots I could have added to my favs.

Also, I know i am anti-elitist, but I refuse to think of a book where "lesser" (sic) photographers will be passed over. My opinion is that all of us have some superb shots, never mind if they have been critiqued little or are not favorites. Again, the way the site is used by us is not always geared towards making it a science, which are the greatest, or most telling shots.

I have a couple friends who deal with publishing and visual media, and though they are not members, they checked TE after I talked about it. Use simple friends or family members too. But the end result is that they pick out shots that were here in eth lower middle of the pack, and members I had never paid attention to. Good ones too. One has no taste for any of my well-noted portraits, but wondered why a pix got next to nothing. Etc....

Er...We're still brainstorming, aren't we? :-)))))
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