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Hi,I looked again and I have found the temples on the Google map.Look at the map:!3m1!1e3the first, in the square, on the right is Ban Nuea it was on the right in your picture.หอพระประวัติ สมเด็จพระญาณสังวร สมเด็จพระสังฆราช สกลมหาสังฆปริณายก Further is small Ban Tai - this is "Temple of Heaven in the Tavornwitte Road, we are looking forเจดีย์วัดถาวรIf you copy it and look in the Thai site, you will see the photos and the description.Bingo.Now google translate into English And what we have?Mahayana Buddhists who were forcibly entered when Chao Phraya Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) hit the city of Yuan in 1834, helped to build this temple during the reign of King Rama III, named in Vietnamese language. That Wat Khong Tho Tu Later, King Rama V gave the name in Thai that Thaworn Wararam Temple. It is now a Buddhist temple. Anam Sect of Mahayana Sect That still inherits the Mahayana tradition like other Chinese temples in Thailand.So, it is indeed That Thaworn Wararam!Now I travel qwith only the hand luggage, and I do not take ANY guidebooks with me, although I have full shelves of them.I have laptop with me, I can see everything in the map, and have descriptions from Wikipedia saved. I do not need any information about hostels (there are so many pages devoted to them in Lonely Planet) because I have reservations by The paper map usually are available in hostels or Information center.Best regards MAlgo

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